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An Australian based clothing label specialising in handmade ties from Italy, knit ties and other assorted accessories.

What is a neat print tie?

An often confusing name for a tie, I was asked this exact same question at our trunk show last week so I thought it’d be in everyone’s best interest to share this knowledge for anyone that’s seen it described as such but doesn’t know.

In short, a neat print is a small and repeated/geometric print that is repeated throughout the fabric, be it silk, or challis or madder or other materials.  The majority of the worlds neat’s are printed in either Macclesfield, England (mostly screen printed) or in Como, Italy (mostly ink jet printed), though there are also exceptions to both of those statements.  

Some people consider neat’s as suit only ties and I’m generally inclined to agree though I do wear them with plainer sports coats and blazers often.  They don’t tend to work with overly patterned coats like gunclub checks because you end up with 2 competing patterns at a similar small scale.  Certainly there are exceptions to this as some more advance dressers demonstrate.

Some people consider woven rather than printed floral geometric ties to be neat’s, though I don’t. YMMV.

Simplicity is a neat ties friend, so if you want some basic advice of what to wear with them let the tie do the talking and think about a navy or charcoal suit in a plain worsted or subtle pattern like a nail head, a light blue shirt in either plain or a pencil stripe and dark brown or black oxfords.  It’s a simple, conservative and formulaic approach that sees you through almost any CBD situation.

Some photo’s from our Canberra Winter trunk show at Braddon Tailors studio.  Great night had by all with plenty of whisky flowing to keep everyone warm on a cold Canberra night.

New arrival chocolate Henry Carter x Sozzi zig zag knithttp://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/henry-carter-x-sozzi-dark-chocolate-zig-zag-knit-tie/
New arrival 9cm navy/red wool challis Macclesfield print

Perfect CBD….

New dark grey Macclesfield neat print - http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/dark-grey-macclesfield-neat-print/

Dark red/green wool challis. Hand printed & hand rolled.


Canberra Trunk show 24th July @ Braddon Tailors

New release brown/red wool challis. Hand printed and hand rolled..


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New arrival grenadine grossa in Saffronhttp://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/saffron-grenadine-grossa/