Henry Carter Neckwear & Accessories

An Australian based clothing label specialising in handmade ties from Italy, knit ties and other assorted accessories.

The tie I’ll be getting married in, in just over 3 weeks time. A light cream colour with a navy fleck through it that looks plain from about 4 feet away. We did it in an un-tipped, lightly lined 7 fold construction with hand rolled edges.I don’t advertise it (yet) but we can do special orders such as this for weddings and other special occasions quite easily. From a min of 2 ties, a special order generally only adds about $10-$20 over a stock tie and I can work with you to choose a fabric and design to best suit the occasion.Customisable features include -- Width- Length- Construction (classic lined, 7 fold and even 9 fold)- Tipping (self tipped or un-tipped with hand rolled edges.- Embroidery. As you can see on mine we embroidered the date on the keeper as a memento, but we can also do names, initials or anything basically as long as there is space on the keeper, tipping, back blade or the rear of the front blade.If you’re getting married it’s a perfect memento to keep after ward that doesn’t break the bank (un-like wedding dresses!).
  • 6 September 2012
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