Henry Carter Neckwear & Accessories

An Australian based clothing label specialising in handmade ties from Italy, knit ties and other assorted accessories.


Suit: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: Henry Carter 9cm 7 fold repp
Shoes: Carmina
PS: Random

Ivy style - OCBD’s, Repp ties and tweed coatshttp://henrycarter.com.au/products-page/ties/navyred-double-bar-repp/
Back in stock - The Navy 7 Fold “Bambino” weave grenadine. A smaller, more formal grenadine weave. $99.95 AUDhttp://henrycarter.com.au/products-page/ties/navy-bambino-grenadine/
New Arrivals - Navy with white dots 7 fold. $99.95 AUD (approx $91 US at current exchange rate)http://henrycarter.com.au/products-page/ties/navy-pin-dot/
A classic of classics.  Navy & White double bar repp.  7 fold, self tipped and handmade in Naples.  $99.95 AUD
Brown/white dot 7 fold sef tipped tie. Completely handmade in Italy as always. $99.95 AUDhttp://henrycarter.com.au/products-page/ties/brownwhite-dot/

Burgundy Thursdays….

Suit: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Cottonwork
Tie: Henry Carter Burgundy Floral 7 Fold
Shoes: Carmina derbies

The full Henry Carter A/W 2013 collection is now online.  Above you can see the silk 7 folds which you can find HERE.

As usual, handmade in Naples to the highest quality.

Suit: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Cottonwork
Tie: Henry Carter Neckwear 7 fold silk/wool
Cardi: Zara
PS: Henry Carter Irish Linen
Shoes: Carmina