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An Australian based clothing label specialising in handmade ties from Italy, knit ties and other assorted accessories.

Simple CBDhttp://henrycarter.com.au/product/slate-blue-grenadine-fina/
Forest Grossahttp://henrycarter.com.au/product/forest-grenadine-grossa/
Chocolate Garza Grossahttp://henrycarter.com.au/product/chocolate-grenadine-grossa/
Purple Grossa - Layered for Winter

Purple Grossa - Layered for Winter

Grossa or fina?


Rust garza fina

Part 2 of A/W 14: We also received the Garza Fina weave of Grenadines with the new shipment, which are also from the Fermo Fossati mill in Como.  A smaller and more formal weave, they have a beautiful dry hand to them and make a great slightly fuller four in hand knot.  5 colours in these also of Rust, Black, Burgundy, Slate Blue and Chocolate.


The first drop of our new Autumn/Winter collection is now online with 5 new Grenadine Grossa weave ties from the famed Fermo Fossati mill in Como. Navy, Purple, Chocolate, Burgundy and Forest are available herehttp://henrycarter.com.au/shop/ties/grenadine/
Tomorrow the new fina weave grenadines will be available in black, rust, burgundy, chocolate and slate blue

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New brown grenadine 7 folds in stock at www.henrycarter.com.au. 
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