Henry Carter Neckwear & Accessories

An Australian based clothing label specialising in handmade ties from Italy, knit ties and other assorted accessories.

With the scarves from Scotland came our new 100% Cashmere “Smart Gloves” which are gloves that work with smart phones and tablets without having to take them off.

How do they work? Well they incorporate a sensitive conductor in the fabric that allows your fingers to manipulate the graphics on your touch screen unlike regular gloves. So this Autumn/Winter browse Styleforum on your phone without getting cold hands. $59.95 AUD

It’s cold (at least in Australia)…. time to think about scarves.

Buttery soft pure cashmere, made in Scotland.  $99.95 AUD

Camel, wine, purple & more available at www.henrycarter.com.au

(Source: henrycarter.com.au)